Easterlicious Legend of the Double YOLKER EASTER EGG

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The Legend of the Double-Yolker Easter Egg

Nobody hunts Easter eggs quite like the Baron. In his days as a courier for a Bavarian chocolate cartel, led by none other than Egbert Bunny IV, he had heard a rumour: deep in the Black Forest was a breed of bunny that laid double-yolk Easter eggs. With the cartel’s mercenary known only as ‘Bugs’ hot on his tail, The Baron spent days crawling through cinnamon-scented warrens, even discovering an underground rabbit-run bakery (but that’s another story). While being chased by some very hot, cross bunnies, he stumbled into a giant subterranean nest, lined with shards of dark chocolate. In the nest was a glorious, shiny golden egg. Quick as a flash, the Baron scooped up the egg and fled to Zürich. Stopping to rest in a berry orchard, he discovered two things – that one; the legend of the double yolk was true; and two; that rabbit eggs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. As he scoured the brambles and bushes around him for food, the Baron was struck with a flash of inspiration. The result, detailed in a letter to the Baron’s headquarters, is a dual Easter egg inspired by his adventure – two chocolate-covered marshmallow egg halves, one flavoured with raspberry and pomegranate, and the other with spiced hazelnut praline.


Ingredients: Single Origin Papua New Guinea Craft Chocolate (cacao, organic sugar, cacao butter) Castor Sugar, Water, Rice Syrup, Pomegranate Molasses, Freeze Dried Raspberries, Hazelnuts, Mixed Spice, Egg White, Leaf Gelatine, Vanilla.


120g Total, 60g each egg half.

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